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At Prodrive Technologies we have a passion for technology and strongly believe in supporting the growth of ambitious students. Therefore we are very proud to be a sponsor or these student teams.

Solar Team Eindhoven

Solar Team Eindhoven is a team consisting of 23 top students of different faculties from the Eindhoven University of Technology, building a solar-powered family car. This car shows the possibilities of sustainable mobility and inspires both the industry and society with their state-of-the-art solar cars. Solar Team Eindhoven has won the the last three editions of the biannual World Solar Challenge in Australia.
Prodrive Technologies supported us with the development and production of our custom Battery Management System (BMS).


University Racing Eindhoven (URE) 

University Racing Eindhoven, URE for short, celebrating its 15th anniversary, is the largest student project of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The URE team consists of 65 students from 8 different faculties forming a talented multidisciplinary students who design, build, test and race an electric racecar in just one year. During summer the team competes in the international Formula Student competition, the biggest and most prestigious engineering competition worldwide. In this competition, the team is not only rewarded for the fastest car, but also assessed on their design, cost analysis and a fictive business presentation.
The URE12 is the most recent car which is completely developed and built by URE. Currently the URE13 is in production and transforming the URE11 to the first autonomous race car of the Benelux!

The powertrain of the URE12 is also completely self-developed by students. This starts from the accumulator from which only the battery cells themselves are bought. The accumulator has a battery management system, or BMS in short, self-developed by students in cooperation with Prodrive Technologies. The BMS keeps track of the cells such that they are not taken outside of the boundaries of their specifications such as current and temperature.
From the battery the next part is the inverter/motor controller, which is also self-developed in cooperation with Prodrive Technologies. Since the car is four-wheel drive this means the quad inverter, powered by the accumulator is used to control the four in-wheel motors.


Electric Superbike Twente 

Electric Superbike Twente set off in September 2017 to build a fast, fully electric racing motorcycle. The goal is to show the world that sustainable transportation can be cool and exciting! This is done by aiming for crazy specifications: 0 to 100 km/h in around 3 seconds, and a top speed of 250 km/h. All that performance comes from the main accumulator, a lithium-ion based battery pack.

This battery pack is custom made, and Prodrive Technologies plays an important role.
Electric Superbike Twente collaborates with Prodrive Technologies to develop a custom battery management system (BMS). The system is designed to keep the battery pack in a healthy state.



At TU/ecomotive, a fresh team of students, started working on the preposterous project of designing and producing a brand new car within 9 months. The car will be the world’s first circular car and is aliased Noah. With 5 students focused on the electronics in the car, within 2 months the first share of preparation, design choices and schematics were round up. Since Noah is strived for road legality, the electronics should be of great excellence. Therefor on the first day of November we paid a visit to our partners at Prodrive, to discuss about our ideas about both hardware and software and how best to implement them. After we were directed to a nice meeting room, we did a round of introductions with divergent Prodrive employees and joined them for diner in the large cafeteria, which made us feel very welcomed. After a couple hours of sharing opinions, concepts and tips we returned back to the office with a vigorous motivation.

To stay within Noah’s circular theme, the decision fell on a universal, detachable, ‘smart’ PCB that receives power and CAN and sends signals to the ‘dumb’ PCB via two connectors. Together with one of the latter PCB’s that is intended to drive the headlights, Prodrive offered to take a very close, professional look at the schematics and PCB designs. Exactly 3 weeks after our first meeting we set our traces back to the Prodrive Technologies headquarters to review the two PCB’s.


Project MARCH 

Project MARCH is a student team of the Delft University of Technology. They are developing an innovative and versatile exoskeleton, which is a motorized robotic armor that can be used to let people with a spinal cord injury stand up and walk again. At this moment, the biomedical technology regarding exoskeletons is underdeveloped, so that people with paralyzed or malfunctioning legs are bounded to wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. Project MARCH wants a change!

This competition is a perfect moment to test the design of our exoskeleton, it helps us to realize the design of the ultimate exoskeleton. Project MARCH is advised by Prodrive Technologies on the software and electronics of our exoskeleton. Thanks to them we can optimize our design in such a way that we can get another step closer to a wheelchair-free future.


Team FAST 

The world’s first in driving on Hydrozine. Team FAST is one of the youngest student teams from the Eindhoven University of Technology working on the applications of their new fuel, Hydrozine. Hydrozine is sustainable produced Formic Acid, which can be made with green electricity, CO2 and water. The electrical energy is stored in a liquid, which brings along many advantages.
The system Team FAST is developing can used in a wide-range of application. For example, bus range-extenders, generators or inland ships. In the system the Hydrozine is split into hydrogen and CO2 where a fuel cell is used to extract electrical energy from the hydrogen.

Together with Prodrive Technologies, Team FAST is creating the High Voltage Power bus which is needed to direct the power generated from the fuel cell to battery chargers, internal systems and connection to the energy grid.


Green Team Twente

Green Team Twente is a multidisciplinary student team from the University of Twente. Our goal is to promote hydrogen as the alternative fuel of the future. To fulfill this goal, 22 students built a hyperefficient hydrogen car to compete at the Shell Eco-marathon. The SEM is an annual race where efficiency is key. In 2017, Green Team Twente reached first place in London and became European Champion. In 2018, the bar was set even higher and we focused on the Drivers World Championship: a race where vehicles have to be fast as well as efficient.

With our car, the Aurora One, Green Team Twente wants to prove that hydrogen is the alternative for fossil fuels.
In the car, hydrogen is converted into electricity and this drives four electric motors. Prodrive Technologies helped to develop a motor controller, using gallium nitride (GaN) transistors. Together with engineers of Prodrive, an extremely efficient PCB has been made, which in the end lowers the fuel consumption of the car.


Team Force Fusion 

There is a worldwide known competition called the First Robotics Challenge. The goal is to promote technology mostly among young people. Over the past years it has frown a lot in popularity over the world, including Europe. We, Force Fusion, are a young newly formed team stationed in the Netherlands. Started by 5 motivated students and one tutor, we have quickly grown to be a team of over 25 people between 15 and 25 years old. The San Diego Regional in Del Mar California in March 2018 is our first competition. To do that we have 6 weeks to build up a robot from scratch and prepare to play in the 2018 FRC Challenge Game – Power UP. For this, the 24/7 available building location and technical support provided from Prodrive Technologies is helping us achieve our goal.

Our aim is by far not winning. We strive for something way higher – we aim for challenge, for opportunity to learn, to be part of something great, to inspire others around us to join the world of engineering, to try and to invent, to make their dreams come true. We want to have fun, to give the chance to every one of us to shine, to experiment, to find her or his place within the world of technology.
Nothing of what would be do would be possible without our Partners, one of which is Prodrive Technologies. Their full support of what we do is motivating us further to go forward, to strike higher. Because, as our moto says – Inspire them and they will amaze you!

Facebook page of team


InMotion is a multidisciplinary student team consisting of over 50 students form the Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys Hogescholen. The goal of InMotion is to develop a fast charging technology for electric vehicles that reduces charging times to only a few minutes.

In the end, this technology will be proved during one of the most prestigious races in the world, the 24h of Le Mans. This will be done by competing in the Garage 56 class, that allows an innovative project every year. When racing for 24 hours, technology is being used pushed to its limits. With the completion of this race InMotion will prove that the fast charging technology is ready for everyone, everywhere.






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