FPGA Eningeer (Eindhoven)

Category: Electronic Engineering jobs (E)

Education Level: Bsc / MSc


Are you the eager, ambitious and promising FPGA Engineer that we are looking for? Do you want to work in a young and dynamic environment? Do you want to work on challenging, multi-disciplinary projects in a high-tech environment? As FPGA Engineer you will be involved in the entire design process of high-tech electromechanical systems. You will use your technical knowledge about FPGAs to complete responsibilities such as writing specifications, discussions with our customers, designing, qualification and finally preparing the product for in-house production. As FPGA Engineer you will possess the knowledge or drive to learn:

  • Skills to implement high-performance communication and processing architectures in the fields of high-end computing, data acquisition, video processing and others.
  • Skills to implement and work with high-speed peripherals such as SRIO, PCIe,DisplayPort,  10GbE, DDR3/DDR4 memory controllers etc.
  • Affinity to work with and discuss with hardware and software engineers on a technical level
  • Linux skills and EDA tool skills (ModelSim, Precision) and in-depth knowledge of FPGA design flows of Xilinx / Altera.
  • Implement DSP and control loop functions  in hardware, such as defective pixel correction, signal filters,power amplifiers and motor control loops.
  • Working with HLS (High Level Syntehsis)
  • VHDL, C and scripting languages (tcl/tk, bash etc)



  • BSc / MSc In Electrical Engineering
  • Practical experience with FPGA design
  • The desire and drive to excel in your field of work
  • Experience is not required, a passion for technology is


When you are able to prove that you are the perfect fit for our job, you will be rewarded in many ways: you will get the chance to develop yourself as a person, gain extensive knowledge and develop your career in multiple directions. Besides that, you will –naturally- be offered a market competitive salary and outstanding secondary conditions. After excellent performance your salary will grow incredibly fast and you will even get the opportunity to become a shareholder and all this at an employer that has achieved an average growth of 35% over the last 20 years!


There are few companies in the world of technology which stand out. As a matter of fact, Prodrive Technologies is one of them. Our company was founded in 1993 by technical professionals from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Since then every year has shown a steep growth rate due to a very successful business concept. Currently the total Prodrive Technologies organization consists of 700 employees (575 FTE), highly skilled and highly motivated and focused on results.

Our organization is based on two main groups, Development and Operations. Development works mainly on a project basis and is responsible for the development of electronic, mechanical and software solutions. For each project a project team with the right skills and knowledge is composed. Operations takes care of the production, assembly, testing and life cycle management of electronic products and systems in a range of 1 to 50.000 per year. The Development and Operations groups are support by a Sales department and a small Organization Support Group.

Prodrive Technologies is located in Son (near Eindhoven) in one of the leading technological regions of Western Europe. It has a solid financial basis, which is the result of good profitability and efficiency in the past years. Despite continuous growth and high investment levels, our company is able to guarantee continuity and commitment to our customers as well as to our employees.

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