Methods for increased CNC Machining Performance (Eindhoven)

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Education level:                   BSc Mechanical Engineering


Prodrive technologies is a developer and manufacturer of world-class mechatronic products and systems. It comprises over 1100 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.
Our organization is based on two groups: Development and Operations. The Development department is oriented at developing first-rate electronic, mechanic and software solutions. The operations department is responsible for production, assembly, testing and life-cycle-management of electronic products and systems in the range of 1 to more than a million pieces per year.

Many methods, strategies are used within Prodrive Technologies to create fast and reliable CNC machining programs. These methods vary from high-end measuring equipment to measure cutting tool characteristics, custom database structures to efficiently store machining knowledge, to the most advanced CAM software with integrated cutting force simulation.
You will research which of these methods or innovations has the most potential for further improvement or which new method can be implemented. Whatever has the most potential or fits your skillset best to improve will be the center of your graduate assignment. Finally, as a proof of concept, you will use your improved method/process/tool to improve or create CNC machining programs. If proven successfully your solution will directly be implemented in our current production facilities.

There are only few companies in the world of technology which stand out. Prodrive Technologies is one of them. Our company was founded in 1993 by technical professionals from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Since then every year has shown a steep growth rate due to a very successful business concept in a relatively young organization (average age 28 years). Currently the total Prodrive Technologies organization consists of 1100 highly skilled employees (900 FTE), who are motivated, focused and result oriented.


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