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A new, complete solution with the Proton Motion Stage

A new, complete solution with the Proton Motion Stage

At Precision Fair 2021, Prodrive Technologies showcased a new innovation that is designed to support specialized metrology and inspection applications: its Proton Motion Stage.

So, what makes this new solution unique? And how could it help you?

What is the Proton Motion Stage?

Prodrive Technologies is well renowned for its electronic manufacturing and development capabilities. However, developing and manufacturing complex mechatronic solutions, such as the high-precision Proton Motion Stage, is another area of proven expertise.

The new stage is called ‘Proton’ as it is the first in a new line of high-precision motion stages that will all be named after subatomic particles.

See it in action!

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The Proton Motion Stage, is built from a unique combination of Prodrive Technologies’ diverse range of products and customized to particular requirements, providing a complete solution.

This simplifies the integration process for customers, with no compromise on quality or precision, and may help to reduce overall costs.

A unique approach to design – for atmospheric pressure or vacuum

Motion Stages are increasingly in demand. Interest is growing with Prodrive Technologies' customers in metrology applications, such as those scanning electron microscopes or conducting wafer inspection.

A variety of motion stages suitable for atmospheric pressure operation have already been developed, but the Proton Motion Stage is designed for vacuum compatibility. That makes it an ideal option for high-vacuum environments where electron / e-beam microscopes are typically used. For instance, in life sciences applications like pathology scanning.

That said, it has the flexibility to be used for any metrology application where high accuracy in positioning, as well as efficient  repeatability,  are required.  The Proton Motion Stage is uniquely built with statically determined preload mechanism to ensure smooth motion and greater robustness for temperature variations and other disturbances.


The Proton Motion Stage


Configurable for the application

Applications all have differences in system requirements and processes, from velocity and stroke, to throughput.  That is why the Proton Motion Stage has been designed to be configurable depending on the customer requirements.

Using the innovative platform as the basis, it can be scaled using off-the-shelf Prodrive products as building blocks to meet specific needs, including those from the powerful Motion and Mechatronics range. For example:


Built with manufacturing excellence

Prodrive Technologies manufactures all of the main elements of the Proton Motion Stage in-house at its facilities, whether using tried and tested standardized manufacturing processes, or customized production solutions tailored for the specific end customer. 

To meet the needs of highly specialized metrology and medical applications, this includes clean room assembly and production to international quality standards.


Learn more about the Proton Motion Stage

The Proton Motion Stage proved a huge success at Precision Fair 2021, with many customers showing their interest in its capabilities.  Therefore, this solution will also be on display at the following events – register now to make sure you see it!

Alternatively, contact Ralph Stassen or learn more about our Motion and Mechatronics solutions here