Whether you are responsible for the fully automated placement of 2.5 million components per week on PCBs, process improvement of our production methods, building a power cabinet with thousands of subassemblies or supporting the logistics of 10.000 component movements per day in our factory, the challenge to deliver world-class quality is always present at Prodrive Technologies.

The manufacturing department is responsible for the execution of all operational processes at Prodrive Technologies. We started manufacturing 15 years ago and back then, this only included PCB productions. Nowadays, the portfolio of manufacturing competence has rapidly expanded to also include System Assembly, Milling, Cable Manufacturing, Injection Molding and Magnetics Assembly.

By inventing new production techniques we automate our current processes and introduce new processes in order to manufacture in-house as much as possible. By learning new techniques, all employees keep developing themselves and keep up with the latest production techniques.

What we look for

Cable Harness Manufacturing/ Cleanroom/ Innovation/ Magnetics/ Quality driven/ Robotics/ Soldering/ System Assembly/ Visual Inspection/
Automatization/ CNC Machining/ Critical thinking/ Milling/ Robotics/ Vision/
Inbound Logistics/ Internal Logistics/ Outbound Logistics/ Packaging/ Picking/ Truck Driving/
Decisiveness / Innovation / Machine learning / Quality driven / Result driven / Service
Automatization / Critical thinking / Magnetics / Quality driven / Robotics
Automatization / CNC Machining / Decisiveness / Outbound Logistics / Quality driven / Result driven / Vision
Automatization / Decisiveness / Innovation / Lean Six Sigma / Measurement System Analysis / Pick and Place / Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis / Production Part Approval Process / Robotics / Statistical Process Control
Anticipation / Conformal coating / Depanelizing / Feeder Preparation / Injection Moulding / Printed Circuit Boards / Process Operating / Reflow Soldering / Robotics / Selective wave soldering / Solder joint inspection
CNC Machining / Outbound Logistics / Quality driven / Result driven / Robotics
Critical thinking / Quality driven / Service / Analog Electronics / Digital Electronics / Electronics Analysis
Anticipation / Decisiveness / Innovation / Machine learning / Quality driven / Robotics
Anticipation / Critical thinking / Decisiveness / Innovation / Magnetics / Milling / Printed Circuit Boards / System Assembly

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