The People, Sales & Support department of Prodrive Technologies consists of 80 people, working in various disciplines. These are categorized in Sales, Office Management, QEH&S, Finance, Legal, Supply Chain and Human Resources.

Anyone who becomes a ‘Prodriver’ must be able to meet challenges, take the initiative and take on risk, to seize opportunities and persevere to the very last moment, which may sometimes fall outside office hours. In short, our work is our passion and we take it very seriously. If you feel the same way, you could go a long way as a Prodriver – there’s plenty of scope here.

What we look for

Supplier Selection / Negotiating / Supplier Management / Relationship Building / Product Lifecycle Management / Supply Chain Management / Planning / Analytics / Problem Solving / Inventory Management / New Product Logistics
Business Development / Account Management / Relationship Building / Funnel Management / Negotiating / Deal Closing / Marketing / Networking
Contract Law / Intellectual Property (IP) Law / Labor Law / Drafting Contracts / Revising Contracts / Advising / Guiding Legal Procedures / Writing Regulation / Legal English
Planning & Organizing / Communication Skills / Proactive / Prioritizing / Service Oriented / Stress resistant / Team Player
Financial Management / Accounting / Tax / Reporting / Business Intelligence / Trade / Administration / Treasury

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