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Content creator

You will take the Prodrive brand among our future employees to the next level. The bigger picture and the realization of content will be your responsibility.

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Content creator

Key aspects

  • Adobe is your best friend
    • Especially Premiere Pro, Photoshop and InDesign
  • You find creative ways of displaying information
    • You become owner of our brand and you come up with new ideas, because you’re proactive
  • Good English and Dutch writing skills
    • Able to write pieces of text that appeal to young people
  • Affinity with social media advertisement (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Affinity with the (technical) student-mindset
  • You’re interested in complex technology
    • You try to understand it well enough to make content about it
    • You ask a second and a third time if you don’t understand it yet
  • You have eye for detail
  • You’re flexible
  • You have good people skills
  • A kick-ass portfolio

Nice to haves

  • Animation skills (for example in Adobe After Effects)
  • A technical background
  • Thinking out of the box about Brand Awareness
  • You come up with new ideas to make videos and other content. You don’t want to make these company video’s every company in the world has.
  • CSS skills to make the bullet points on the content creator vacancy page prettier.

What we offer

  • Permanent contract
    • Flexible hours
    • 12-40 hours per week (open for discussion)
  • All the equipment you need
    • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
    • Video drone (Okay, we still need to buy one, so if you have suggestions…)
    • Microphones, lights, additional cameras
  • All licenses you need
  • Laptop, iPad, iPhone, free food, free fitness

Your activities

  • Able to conduct interviews
    • In the morning you set up an interview with Pim. You chat and laugh with him so he’s comfortable before you put him in front of your camera. You turn on the equipment yourself and start asking the questions you prepared. You need a few tries before you get what you need, but you are patient enough to do a few takes. During the interview you pick up some interesting information and you ask some more questions on this topic.
  • Able to edit
    • After the interview you’re going to review the footage and you make a first edit. You ask your colleague Sebastiaan for some feedback, you quickly finish the final version. After double checking that the video doesn’t contain confidential info you’ll upload it to the Prodrive media channels with a catchy line and thumbnail to it.
  • Able to handle the equipment
    • In the afternoon you go outside to play with the video drone to get a good shot of the sunset and the Prodrive campus. You haven’t done this before, but you figure it out anyways because you’re clever with these things.
  • Able to write articles
    • With a cup of coffee and your favorite playlist you’re going to work on that article for the magazine of Simon Stevin, the Study Association of Mechanical Engineering. Because you don’t want it to be dull, you ensure that you send along some photos that tell a story, or maybe a visualization or infographic.
  • Flexible
    • The next day you are not working on Prodrive, but you’re going to capture the Eindhoven Marathon. You’ll shoot some footage in an informal setting such that the viewers have a good idea of what person runs a marathon and works at Prodrive. Next week you need to be flexible as well, as you’re going to film at one of our great parties. All footage after 11 seems a bit blurry, why would that be?
  • Proactive
    • The next week you look at your agenda and it seems rather empty. You come up with some new ideas and discuss this with your colleague Miranda to see if it contributes to our cause. Armed with her enthusiasm you immediately start working on your new idea.

Your Benefits

When you are able to prove that you are the perfect fit for our job, you will be rewarded in many ways: you will get the chance to develop yourself as a person, gain extensive knowledge and develop your career in multiple directions. Your development will be guaranteed by your personal development plan which will be reviewed regularly. Besides that, you will – naturally – be offered a market competitive salary and outstanding secondary conditions. Your salary growth is in line with your own professional development so it can grow fast and you will even get the opportunity to become a shareholder. All this at an employer that has achieved an average annual growth of 25% over the last 20 years! 


There are only few companies in the world of technology which stand out. According to our customers Prodrive Technologies is one of them. Our company was founded in 1993 by technical professionals from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Since then every year Prodrive Technologies has shown a steep growth rate due to a very successful business concept in a young and dynamic organization (average age 28 years). Currently the total Prodrive Technologies organization consists of over 1.300 (1.100 FTE) employees which are highly skilled, highly motivated and focused on results.


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