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ATCA / μTCA solutions Server 19" and OCP High performance density

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x86 and ARM ARM + DSP FPGA (ARM + FPGA) PowerPC

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PRSB-760G2 at CERN

We provide our customers with advanced computational technologies, mass storage solutions, network solutions, and other cutting-edge tools and technologies

While the exponential growth of single-processor performance is coming to an end, a new era has arrived  in which system processing performance will be key. Parallel processing, using many nodes, presents new challenges for the design of electronic hardware, software as well as mechanical hardware. From the start, we have been building up extensive experience of all possible types of processing, communication interfaces and associated low-level software. More recently we have added great value to mid-level software, thanks to our capabilities in setting up, managing and controlling  high-performance networks.

In short, we provide the best solutions for high-end computing in terms of processing, storage, communication interfaces and complete computing platforms, including sophisticated software. High-End Computing markets and applications:

  • Industrial market: processing, image processing and motion control
  • Medical market: Real-time / lossless data processing; >10 year lifecycle; ISO13485 / IEC-60601
  • High-Performance Computing market: low-latency algorithm processing and commodity HPC
  • Datacenter market: server clusters, microservers and storage
  • Telecom market: wireless basestations, low-latency switching and networking
  • Broadcasting market: computing nodes and raw-data switching

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Applying our technologies to create your solutions

Applying our technologies to create your solutions. We use proven technologies, combining them with new concepts and techniques wherever possible. In this way, we rapidly develop tailor-made solutions which invariably exceed our clients’ expectations. We apply the very latest technologies and processes in everything we develop and produce, often taking on part of the risk ourselves. This has kept us at the cutting edge and our order portfolio is growing by the day. Over the past two decades we’ve worked on a wide range of products, systems and solutions, and thus accumulated a great deal of expertise. You can benefit from this experience. Moreover, we can often help you immediately with one of our exceptionally reliable off-the-shelf solutions. But, of course, you can always challenge us to develop something specific to your business and its needs.

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