Embedded Computing Systems

Prodrive Technologies has been a supplier of embedded computing systems for over twenty years. Our computing systems are connected to the machines, tools, and devices of our customers. They process high-end workloads such as image processing and motion control. We are a systems provider – we thrive when challenged by our customers to define just that system that is the most efficient solution for their application.

We design and manufacture our systems ourselves down to the motherboard level and low-level software to make sure that we can guarantee long lifecycles and seamless interoperability of all system elements as well as perfect integration with the systems of our customers.


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Long Lifecycle Long Lifecycle

Availability of our products extends to 10 years and beyond

Reliable Reliable

We design, qualify, manufacture, and test for the high reliability required for embedded systems


Certified Certified

Our products are certified for semiconductor, medical and industrial markets around the globe


Customizable Customizable

Our products can be customized for a perfect match with your application

Ecs Campaign Rackserver

Rack Servers

Offering high reliability and long lifecycle, Prodrive Technologies’ Zeus Scalable Server series are the best fit for high-end embedded computing applications such as image processing, motion control, and system control. Stand-alone or combined with the Zeus High Performance Cabinet, the Zeus line of products will tackle the toughest jobs in industrial-grade embedded computing.

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Ecs Campaign Industrialpc

Industrial PCs

Prodrive Technologies’ Poseidon Industrial PCs feature powerful computing in a compact form factor. Select a 1U model for space-constrained use cases or a 3U model to utilize all expansion options. As with all of our computing platforms, Poseidon comes with long availability.

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Ecs Campaign Computingcabinet

Computing Cabinets

Prodrive Technologies’ Zeus High Performance Cabinet (ZHPC) is an industrial-grade, liquid cooled computing cabinet for demanding embedded applications such as motion control and image processing. It is designed for industrial environments, with features such as smoke detection, leakage detection, and Emergency Machine Off (EMO) functionality.

Apart from delivering ZHPC as a stand-alone product, we offer our services to integrate servers from the Prodrive Technologies Zeus server family series. Support for third-party equipment is available on request.

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Ecs Campaign Software


Prodrive’s System Software allows customers to easily manage single systems as well as multi-node and multi-rack systems. Individual systems, system groups, and Kubernetes clusters can be managed from a single interface.

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System Integration Services

When your systems consists of several interconnected components or nodes, we are happy to take full responsibility of the design and series production of the entire system.

  • Design
    • Specification
    • Detailed Design
    • Prototype production
    • Qualification
    • Certification
  • Series Production
    • System Assembly
    • OS Installation
  • Testing
    • Functional Test
    • Endurance Test
    • Regression/Progression Testing
  • Lifecycle Management

An overview of Embedded Computing Systems

Bas van Bree will give you a broad overview of our Embedded Computing Systems program in the following video.