Magnetics and Cables

Prodrive Technologies is a one-stop-shop with all critical manufacturing processes under one roof. We understand that Magnetics, cables and cable harnesses are always critical to quality, safety and cost. For these reasons we integrated these processes in our factory concepts and have the best equipment available for producing linear drives, transformers, coils, magnetics, and cable harnesses.


Cable Assembly Cable Assembly
Coil Winding Coil Winding
Magnetizing Magnetizing
Ultrasonic Welding Ultrasonic Welding
Potting Potting
Vacuum Impregnation Vacuum Impregnation
Optical and X-ray Inspection Optical and X-ray Inspection

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We have a wide variety of winding solutions (linear, toroidal, orthocyclic, edge, and flat wire), enabling selecting the right winding solution for each product. Various connecting solutions are present, such as resistance welding (hot-crimping), ultrasonic welding, crimping, and (automated) soldering.

Magnetic components and actuators are frequently used in the products we develop and manufacture. To further expand our knowledge and capabilities in magnetics, we integrated all processes for manufacturing actuators, magnetic components, and other unique magnetic products.

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Our unique in-house developed manufacturing solution allows for the assembly of permanent magnet products, such as magnet yokes for (linear) actuators or voice coil actuators. This solution enables an operator-safe method of manufacturing products containing permanent magnets. Furthermore, automated encapsulation machines (potting, impregnation) are in place to give the products the right electrical and mechanical properties. Various test systems are also available to ensure consistent process quality.

Cables and cable harnesses

A wide variety of products are manufactured at Cable Manufacturing, ranging from small single cable products to complex cable harnesses and products containing a lot of wiring. Because of the modularity in our factory concepts, both low- and high-volume production is possible.

Various (semi-)automated machines are available to process and inspect wire and connections (crimp terminals, soldering) to facilitate the high product mix. The right equipment is selected for each product to find an optimal balance between manual production steps and full automation.