System integration services

We guarantee high-quality and cost-efficient assembly of standard and complex systems. If you need your electronics to be integrated in an enclosure or you need a complex mechatronic system assembly, we are the right partner for you. Our highly automated system integration facility, including a >1000m² ISO-7 clean room, is state of the art.


Cleanroom Cleanroom
Final Assembly Final Assembly
Endurance Testing Endurance Testing
Ultrasonic Welding Ultrasonic Welding
Potting Potting
Heat Staking Heat Staking
Sealing and Gluing Sealing and Gluing
Functional and safety Testing Functional and safety Testing
Automated Internal Transport Automated Internal Transport

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Automated System Assembly

Our automated systems assembly solutions are based on Prodrive Technologies' robot platform developed in-house and based on qualified processes. These processes are reused in many different applications, integrated with our manufacturing execution system and can be configured as an individual “Job-Shop” or as a fully automated production line.

A high variety of applications (Functions) is automated:

  • Screwing
  • Heat Staking
  • Gluing & Sealing
  • Assembly
  • Plasma Cleaning
  • Laser Marking

We are accustomed to automating production series in a low and high product mix (quantities and complexity) and ensuring the highest quality level.

Prins Sealing Robot 6 Cut

Cleanroom assembly

We manufacture and assemble a wide variety of high-tech products in our cleanrooms. Equipment for die placement and wire bonding is available to produce cameras and power modules. Also, the area is suited for complex cabinet build and system assembly of smaller products.

The cleanrooms are ISO class 6 and class 5, and the precleaning area consists of manual and automated cleaning for all products and components.

System assembly

System assembly at Prodrive Technologies is a process that is as integrated with the digital factory as all other processes. By nature, we will always strive to automate the processes as far as possible. In case a process is not suited for complete automation, we ensure critical parameters are logged, and that inspection steps are automated as much as possible.

Prodrive’s employees in our systems assembly department work in small teams and are supported by a lead technician to increase team building and to ensure quick performance (Quality, Efficiency and Delivery).

Our integrated test framework allows tests, such as:

  • Low Voltage Functional Testing
  • High Voltage Functional Testing
  • Safety testing
  • Programming
  • Endurance testing on full load
  • Pressure testing
  • Product-specific Tests
  • End-of-line inspection
IMG 6537
DSC 15081 Uitsnede

System Integration Services

When your systems comprise several interconnected components or nodes, we are happy to take full responsibility for the entire system’s design and series production.

  • Design
    • Specification
    • Detailed Design
    • Prototype production
    • Qualification
    • Certification
  • Series Production
    • System Assembly
    • OS Installation
  • Testing
    • Functional Test
    • Endurance Test
    • Regression/Progression Testing
  • Lifecycle Management