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Phoenix Series

Ironless motors for applications requiring long stroke motion and a high peak force without force ripple and attraction forces.

The Phoenix line offers ironless linear motors, which eliminates the cogging force and results into a motion without force ripple. Additionally, this motor inhibits a very low stiffness, which means the performance is relatively insensitive to lateral displacements. Due to the fact that the coil unit is ironless, a higher peak force to continuous force ratio is obtained. The Phoenix line is available in different sizes to find the optimal fit for your application. Additionally, the Phoenix line offers four different winding configurations to optimally match current and velocity requirements.

  • No force ripple
  • No attraction force
  • Low stiffness
  • Four different winding configurations
  • Customizable cable length and connector
  • Optional PTC for thermal protection and PT1000 for temperature sensing


Phoenix Series Catalog
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Phoenix Magnet Yokes CAD files
Phoenix Coil Units CAD files

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