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Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Our HMI solutions integrate state-of-the-art embedded control technology and there is a wide range of standard interfaces available for selection. In addition, you can opt for wireless communication interfaces, user authentication features (RFID / NFC), and a display suitable for the required form factor, resolution, and information detail. Using our software base, you can rely on reliable interface drivers and security features.

Whether it is in an industrial, agricultural, automotive, medical, marine, or any other application, contact us to get your optimal solution.

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Customized HMI Customized HMI

Best-fit solution with optimized design & cost-effectiveness

Standard Protocols Standard Protocols

Support Ethernet, CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, USB, wireless connection, etc.

Ruggedized Design Ruggedized Design

Tailored enclosure up to IP67 suitable for automotive, industrial, and other application

Long Product Lifecycle Long Product Lifecycle

10+ years lifecycle guaranteed as we develop our solutions in-house from design, validation to production

Automotive Display Panel

Automotive display panel

Automotive grade display panel:

  • Linux based system
  • 4.3 inch screen with touch control
  • Audio, voice interface with backend
  • Position data by GNSS, Giro and CAN
  • Sealed for tamper detection

Industrial capacitive HMI

Industrial capacitive HMI:

  • Linux based system
  • 12-inch capacitive touch screen
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Ruggedized environment
  • CAN & Ethernet interfaces
Industrial Capacitive HMI
Medical Display Panel

Medical display panel

Automotive grade display panel:

  • Linux based system
  • 12-inch screen with touch control
  • Audio, voice interface
  • Antibacterial plastics
  • Bracket mounting system