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Premium RF Amplifier for 3.0T ultra high-field MRI systems

Key features:

  • Cost effective dual channel 3.0T RF Amplifier
  • Extremely rugged design / high reliability
  • State-of- the art technology
  • Per channel: 20kW PEP, 10% duty cycle, 8ms pulse length
  • Isolated power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Direct mains connection, no PDU required
  • Advanced hybrid control loop to achieve high fidelity
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • IEC 60601 edition 3, CE
  • Liquid cooled
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NGRF30000 Small
20kW PEP / 2kW AVG /10% Duty Cycle
Direct mains connection, no PDU required
Extreme reliable & lifetime over 10 years
Advanced control and diagnostics with NG Tool Suite


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Isolated Power Supply

  Min Max Unit
Mains 380 480 VAC +/- 10%
  50 60 Hz
Mains switch included      
Power Factor Correction (PFC)        
Isolated Power Supply       

Power Performance ( per channel) 

  Typical Unit
Pnom 20 kW PEP
Pav @20kW  PEP. 10% Duty cycle 2 kW  
Pcw 200 W PEP
Pulse length  @ Pnom 8 ms

Gain & Frequency Range

  Typical Unit
Gain 73 dB +/-0.2dB
Gain flatness (+/-500 kHz) +/-0.2 dB
Operating frequency  127.74  +/-1MHz
Operating frequency  123.2  +/-1MHz