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6+ Channel Shimming Amplifier for MRI systems

Product features

  • Best in class price / performance
  • Drop in replacement / custom interfacing
  • 6 channels / ±30V / ±7ADC per channel
  • 650 Watt maximum combined output power
  • Advanced control and diagnostics with Ng Tool Suite
  • High reliability of >100khrs
  • Robust against induced voltage from gradients
  • Stackable concept for >6 channels
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NGS130 6 Front Transparent
6 channels/ ±30V/ ±7 Adc per channel
Robust against induced voltage from gradients
Advanced control and diagnostics with NG Tool Suite
Drop-in-replaceable & Small form factor




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Isolated power supply

  Min Typical Max Unit
Mains (single phase) 100   240 VAC +/- 10%
  50   60 Hz
Prated   750   W
Tolerant to mains dips and swells         
C20 connector on front        

Output performance

  Min Typical Max Unit
Output voltage   +/-30    V
Induced voltage handling capability       50 V
Induced current (peak/RMS)     10/5  A
Output Current (low impedance output)    +/-7   Adc
Maximum continuous output power (total combined)     650 W
Load range 0.5   20 mH
  1   6 Ω

Output accuracy

  Min Typical Max Unit
Settling time   100    ms
Initial gain error <1     %
Offset error    5   mA
Drift (self-heating)  <500     ppm
Drift (ambient)  <100     ppm/K
Linearity error  <0.1     %