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Automated charging systems

Automated charging systems will be a part of the future EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) solution. It can be an add-on to AC or DC chargers to improve usability.

For passenger cars there is a demand for an improved user experience. Automated charging is the ultimate comfort feature, allowing a complete handsfree charging session.

An automated charging solution is a necessity for autonomous parking and driving vehicles to start the charging process without human interaction. This allows for example autonomous parking vehicles to be parked with high density in dedicated parking facilities, saving space, and charging automatically while parked.

The electrification of commercial vehicles may overtake the pace of passenger car electrification due to strict emission regulations. Commercial vehicle charging raises new challenges that can be solved with automated charging systems. Automation allows improvement of the range of commercial electric vehicles by using every opportunity for intermediate charging, for example at a loading dock.

Automatic conductive charging

Product under development at Prodrive Technologies, enabling a fully automated charging process to optimize the user experience and maximize the charging flexibility with opportunity charging.

  • Fully automated connection
  • Large parking area supported
  • Wide charging power range
  • Robust and overdrivable