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DC charging

Cost-optimized DC charging technology.

DC charging is preferred over AC charging when power above 22 kW is required or bi-directional charging is desired.

Charging power above 22 kW up to roughly 50 kW is called medium power DC charging. The main applications for this are intermediate charging or opportunity charging sessions. For passenger cars this may be a charging opportunity while parked for visiting commercial locations such as supermarkets. For commercial vehicles intermediate charging during the planned daily trip may be needed when the range of the nightly battery charge is insufficient. Power levels up to 50 kW are the best compromise between the cost of charging equipment and the charging power for these charging events. The availability of power on the grid connection may also be a limiting factor for higher charging power.

11 kW is a typical low power level for bi-directional DC charging in V2X applications. Higher power levels are not needed for vehicle to home (V2H) charging as 11 kW is commonly the maximum power a grid connection of a house can deliver. For vehicle to grid (V2G) charging there is no demand for higher power since the power on the grid level should come from the connected number of V2G vehicles. At the same time, charging equipment costs are critical for the business case of bi-directional charging. As for DC chargers, the cost scales with power; no more power than is really needed should be installed.

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