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Vision & Sensing

The Vision & Sensing program delivers complex optoelectronic systems optimized to customer applications. We do this by combining cross domain knowledge and expertise in the areas of optoelectronic systems, optics, material science, precision mechanics, sensors, image processing, and electronics. With our expertise, we develop, manufacture, and research most advanced vision and sensing solutions, with more than two decades of experience. Our solutions have a broad range of applications such as medicine research, metrology, air quality monitoring, digital pathology, speed enforcement, and material science.

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Custom sensor integration Custom sensor integration

Integration expertise of most innovative area-, line- and e-beam sensors

Solution focused Solution focused

Focused on system level integration, formfactor, and cost

Vertical integrated Vertical integrated

Offering end-to-end support on development in all our expertise areas up to system level integration.

Performance Performance
Performance isn't just a benchmark, its defining new technology records
In-house manufacturing In-house manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing guarantees the highest quality and provides a strong DFM knowledge base

Cleanroom Cleanroom

State-of-art ISO5 cleanroom facilities to meet the highest cleanliness requirements