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Industrial PM2.5 Sensor

The dual channel PM2.5 sensor measures fine particle concentrations for an effective air quality improvement strategy.

Air pollution is a serious threat to human health. PM2.5, also known as fine particles, can cause various health issues and is known to decrease life expectancy. The PM2.5 concentration in the air is therefore an important indicator of air quality and measuring fine particles provides insight to improve air quality.

The system's precise measurements allow a real-time comparison of the level of fine particles in the exterior and interior air. This information is used to implement a strategy to control the HVAC system and improve the air quality inside, for instance in a building. The performance of the air filtering system, as well as the interior and exterior air quality can be shown on a display.


Status: series production

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Industrial PM2.5 (2)
Exceptional repeatability and stability over lifetime
Maintenance-free over lifetime
Real-time PM2.5 measurements of 2 independent air channels
Fast response (<1sec)



Mounting Options

Various mounting brackets are available allowing both surface mounting and rack mounting of the device.


White Labeling

Customer specific branding is possible, to align within customer product portfolio.



  Min Typical Max Unit
Measurement range 0   1200 µg/m³
Particle size measured 0,3   2,5 µm
Resolution   1   µg/m³
Power supply 9   16 V
Power consumption   ~2.5 W    
Ingress protection   IP5K0    


Communication interface LIN 2.x
Optional information Output  Extensive Diagnostics
  Extensive Logging for prototype field testing 


  Typical Unit
Length  141 mm
Width  84 mm
Height  31 mm