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Position Measurement Solutions


Prodrive Technology’s Pinpoint offers a high accuracy position measurement solution for precise motion systems. The Pinpoint is ideal for (vacuum) stages where high reliability and long availability matters. Our solution features sub-nanosecond latency synchronization and absolute position measurement. We combine this with uncompromised digital integration options for seamless synchronization between the measurement and motion control system. Prodrive optical expertise provides innovative interferometer solutions focusing on reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) for our OEM Equipment partners; reducing direct cost of systems, while providing lowered operational and maintenance costs. For over two decades Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development and production partner for the semiconductor industry. Combining this experience with our robust quality management system, we understand what it takes to implement copy exact and change control, supporting our solutions from concept to end-of-life and beyond.

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Pinpoint Concept
10+ years lifetime/reliability and extended availability
Absolute Position Measurement
System integration options with sub-ns timing synchronization
Highly position accuracy 200pm


Position Measurement Performance

Number of sensor axes per MU 1 – 6
Working distance 0 – 6000 mm
Target velocity 0 – 1 m/s
Sensor resolution 25 pm
Sensor repeatability 200 pm (In vacuum conditions)
Measurement bandwidth per axis 40 MHz (optical)
5 MHz digital output
Signal stability (2.5s) 0.1nm
Thermal drift < 50nm / C

Measurement modes and features

Default mode Relative displacement single ended
Differential measurement Included
Homing feature software Included
Absolute distance measurement Included; 20s
Sensor alignment Manual on sensorhead
Target alignment Visible laser (600nm)

Environmental conditions

Temperature 15 – 35 C
Pressure High Vacuum - Ambient
Humidity 0 – 95 % (non-condensing)
Availability 10 yrs+
Lifetime 10 yrs+

System Integration

Output Sin/Cos, S0S90, ENDAT, EtherCat G/G10
Power supply 12VDC; 8W
Configuration Interface Web-based, PMP-based
Fibre length Up to 5 meter
Laser source wavelength 1550nm; Class 3B