Son, September 17th, 2018 – On 1 October, Prodrive Technologies will organize a second meetup / interactive colloquium.

Abstract / subject during this evening:

Developing mobile apps is a hot topic nowadays. Developing an app for multiple platforms simultaneously even more so, as this saves time, effort, reduces risk and enlarges potential user audience. During this bonus session, kindly hosted by Prodrive technologies, we have a great opportunity to learn about a particular approach which involves F#, presented by Jim Bennett.


Building Fabulous mobile apps with F#

Fabulous is a new functional-first app programming model for building cross-platform apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and Tizen. It combines the simplicity of modern functional UI programming with a robust foundation for cross-platform app development powered by Xamarin.Forms. You’ll be amazed at the code you don’t write!

Fabulous is an open source project, you can use and contribute to it today! (link:


Jim is a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate working for Microsoft specialising in cloud-connected mobile apps built with Xamarin in C# and F#. Prior to working for Microsoft, he was a Xamarin and Microsoft MVP, and worked all around the world building desktop and mobile apps using .NET with C# and F#. He is also the author of Xamarin In Action from Manning publications.

All information regarding this meetup can be found on the following website: website also enables you to sign up for the meetup and gives information about the location and time schedule during the evening.

As there are only a limited amount of participation spaces available, please sign up as soon as possible, ultimately Thursday 27 September.