Son, September 6th, 2018 – On September 18th, Prodrive Technologies will organize a meetup / interactive colloquium.

Abstract / subject during this evening:

Given that F# is not well represented in the area, our very first session, hosted by Prodrive Technologies, will include an introduction to F# as a first presentation and an example of functional library design as a second.

The meetup will consist of two parts. The first talk by Mikhail Shilkov will introduce the functional programming language F#. Depending on the audience, we will adjust the talk to balance between general introduction to functional programming with F# as an example and details of F# itself. Whether you are a veteran .NET developer curious about finally trying F# or already have experience with other FP languages but not with F#, this talk is right for you.

 The second part focuses on designing a library in “functional style”. In an interactive and exploratory setting we will (re)create (or criticize) a small library for elegant specification of schedules: “perform this task every week” or “every Monday but also every second Sunday”. For people with experience in FP this will be a showcase of F# in practice and for newcomers this will hopefully be an example of a completely different way of thinking and programming and invitation for more.

All information regarding this meetup can be found on the following website: This website also enables you to sign up for the meetup and gives information about the location and time schedule during the evening.

As there are only a limited amount of participation spaces available, please sign up as soon as possible, ultimately Friday 14 September.