Electronics manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing is at the roots of Prodrive Technologies

Over the years we have optimized our electronics production and supporting processes so that they are highly efficient and flexible with superior output quality. We do this by maximizing robotics and by continuously monitoring and optimizing our processes. Our state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing capabilities ensure that you can benefit from the latest electronics manufacturing techniques/technologies. Typical sectors that we serve are industrial, consumer, medical, automotive and military.

We understand that the best products need to be manufactured in a world-class manufacturing facility. And that is exactly what you can expect from Prodrive Technologies.

Highlights of our electronics manufacturing processes are shown below.

Automated PCBA production


  • full in-line PCBA production approach
  • highly automated and robotized manufacturing
  • superior quality and productivity



  • 3D paste inspection
  • 3D x-ray solder inspection
  • 3D optical inspection
  • automated electrical functional and safety testing
  • complete track and trace

Capability reference

  • small panellized consumer products
  • coated boards
  • high-speed, complex boards
  • power electronics


Power stacks