We understand what it takes to comply with the S2, S8 and F47 standards.

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Semiconductor market

For over two decades Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development and production partner for the semiconductor equipment industry. Prodrive Technologies provides comprehensive solutions for computing, power conversion, motion & mechatronics, imaging & sensing systems and controls. We understand what it takes to comply with  S2, S8, F47 including long lifecycle management with high quality demands to meet semiconductor availability targets. Prodrive Technologies does not only come up with innovative technology tailored to customer requirements, but, at the same time, realizes the highest quality for long life cycle within uniquely short time-to-market constraints. 


Developing and selling unique, dedicated solutions for specific customers allows for great customer intimacy. We constantly leverage proven technology as ready-to-use building blocks that give us a head start. This enables our agile teams to come up with customized technology, while at the same time realizing a uniquely short time to market. Since its foundation in 1993, our company has never stopped expanding its horizons and developing new capabilities. 

Expertise has widened from specialized electronics design to fundamental research, development, qualification and manufacturing of numerous electronic, mechanic, magnetic and software applications. In total more than 500 R&D engineers are ready for the future.

Life-cycle management

Prodrive Technologies has an extensive track record in the semiconductor equipment industry and knows the value of Lifecycle management. Therefore, we support 10+ years lifecycle with efficient turnkey lifecycle management processes. This lifecycle management program takes proactive care of change management in case of obsolescence and design maintenance, to enable copy exact throughout the lifetime of our products. 


Our responsibility for an application from start to finish challenges us to understand and master the essence of its function, and allows us to keep a firm grip on quality during complete lifecycles.

Technology Solutions

Applying our technologies to create your solutions. We rapidly develop solutions which exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Rack Servers

Zeus series - Zeus Xeon Scalable Series ZXSP 1U

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Industrial PCs

Poseidon series - offering extremely high reliability and long lifecycle

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Metrology systems

Faster and more accurate measurements are enabled with our metrology solutions

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