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Active Vibration Isolation

Your ever-increasing precision requirements are more and more challenged by growing vibration sources and conventional passive isolation has its limits. As a result, your equipment isn’t reaching its potential or is sent off with very high VC specs, confronting your customers with building expensive facilities to meet the ever-tightening VC specs, which often cannot be guaranteed once a building is filled with machinery. Luckily there is an alternative by integrating Active Vibration Isolation into your system, which allows you to cancel out any vibration that challenges your high-precision requirements. Prodrives Technologies Active Vibration Isolation (AVI) system is built by combing our OTS (off-the-shelf) IRIS actuator, drives & controllers with standard passive isolators & sensors, offering a complete solution. Our solution provides maximum flexibility for integration into high-precision motion systems and allows for feedforward & feedback control. Our decades of experience in the semiconductor industries combined with control expertise provide a proven AVI solution focusing on OEM Equipment suppliers to increasing accuracy while offering the most cost-effective Active Vibration Isolation solution in the market. 

  • Feedforward & Feedback control
  • Large bandwidth of payload
  • Limitless system integration options
  • Large bandwidth of isolation
  • Most cost-effective solution