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Chiron Series

Iron core motors for applications requiring long stroke motion with a high force density and high efficiency.

The Chiron line offers iron-core linear motors which are optimized for force density and efficiency. Due to the aluminum housing, the thermal resistance from coils to the mechanical interface is minimized. The magnet plates are skewed and the end teeth inside the coil units are optimized for minimum force ripple. The Chiron line is available in different heights, widths and depths to find the optimal fit for your application. Additionally, the Chiron line offers four different winding configurations to optimally match current and velocity requirements.

  • Optional PTC for thermal protection and PT1000 for temperature sensing
  • Customizable cable length and connector
  • Four different winding configurations
  • Minimized force ripple
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High force density


Chiron Series Catalog
Linear Motors Catalog
Chiron Magnet Plates CAD files
Chiron Coil Units CAD files
Chiron Commutation Sensor CAD files

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