Son, July 18th, 2017 – On Thursday the 13th of July, the NOS news broadcasted an item about the automotive industry in the Netherlands and the future of electric driving. As Prodrive Technologies is one of the few Dutch companies enabling electric driving, the NOS paid a visit to gather more information for this item.


Prodrive Technologies develops and manufactures high-tech electrics and noticed that generic technologies from the medical and industrial domain are highly relevant to the automotive industry. Electronics for electric cars is a relatively new competence in the automotive market, this is where Prodrive technologies makes the difference.


So what exactly does Prodrive Technologies add to the automotive market and what do they focus on?  There are several examples such as air quality sensing and specifically for electric cars: the drives, converters and charging systems. For example, they are developing a wireless charging system which makes it possible to charge 11 kilowatt without using a cable.


Prodrive Technologies currently has over 1 thousand  employees and continues to grow. Within a few years they will again double in size. This is why they are continuously looking for young talented people with a passion for technology. Please click on this link to see what vacancies are open and find out more about the possibilities and benefits of working at Prodrive Technologies.


Interested in seeing the NOS newsitem: please click here,  to read the article click here.