Power conversion

Choosing the right topology for your application can have a major effect on size, cost, and stability

Power supply
Cool plate

We produce cool plates in house, ensuring the optimal design for your application at a competitive price and with short lead times

Current sensing

For highly precise and stable power applications we have developed our own high precision current sensors based on the zero flux gate principle

Sintered power modules

For applications where high power is needed in pulsed mode, we have developed our own sintered power modules to alleviate the high temperature swings and stresses found in standard power modules. This results in much higher lifetime and better reliability

Field Replaceable Unit

Field replaceable units make serviceability of your applications that much easier, when needed

Remote diagnostics

Our power solutions can be delivered with remote diagnostics down to each individual IGBT, enabling a quick assessment of the status of the device

Power conversion

Power conversion is converting electric energy from one form to another. AC can be converted to DC, or vice versa. The voltage or frequency can be changed. While power conversion solutions are rarely the application itself, the quality of the power conversion solution is certainly at the heart of the end application quality.

Prodrive Technologies delivers both standard and custom power conversion solutions, from component to power conversion modules up to fully integrated power cabinets. We have developed various key components that will give you an edge in your final product. Even so, our solutions are price-competitive because of our vertical integration. Furthermore, you can rest assured that EMC/EMI will not give you any headaches.


Often standard solutions are available, but in many other cases you would like something out of the ordinary:

  • Highly stable power conversion modules that deliver a very predictable and accurate output
  • Better than usual reliability when failure would be disastrous, in economic terms or otherwise
  • Compact solutions with a very high power density, when space comes at a premium
  • Remote diagnostics that help you help your customer optimize their processes immediately
  • Housings, communication protocols, or other aspects


Custom power components

Sintered power module

High precision current sensor

Power conversion modules

Variable frequency drive

RF generator / amplifier

Power supply (>1kW)

Highly linear amplifier

High voltage (<10kV)

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Integrated power systems

Gradient amplifier cabinet

Motion control cabinet

Cleanroom-ready cabinet

Wireless charging (>1kW) system