magnetic probe coil

Custom power components

For some very demanding applications there simply are no standard components available in the market that are up to spec. Reliability and lifetime can be problematic. The components may exhibit unwanted temperature dependency, or other problems that prevent predictable behavior. In those cases the only way forward is to design a custom power component that is capable of doing the job required. We already have many customers that are on the leading edge of technology today, with requirements that challenge the state of the art. We therefore have a long history of designing and manufacturing such custom components. These are subsequently integrated into the solution for the customer.

Another reason to choose for custom components can simply be cost and quality. Because of our vertical integration and Industry 4.0 automated manufacturing facilities, a custom-built component can often lead to more compact and integrated solutions. In turn, these use less materials and are designed for manufacturing, resulting in lower cost.





High precision current sensor



Custom power modules

Sintered IGBT power module