Water cooling system

Our power cabinet has a fully in-house designed water cooling system, to guarantee reliability and to ensure low cost


Power supply

High power and very stable power supply delivering over 170kW

Power amplifiers

Highly linear PWM amplifiers

Integrated power system

Prodrive Technologies has a long track record in designing and producing fully integrated power systems, whether as cabinet or in another form. Because we will take care of all aspects of designing and manufacturing such a system for you, including electronics, mechanics and software / control of both modules and final assembly, you will get the most optimal design for your application. Furthermore, everything is made in-house to the same high quality standards.


The benefits are clear:

  • No need to compromise on specifications
  • Clear responsibility on quality and reliability
  • Remote diagnostics possible to a previously unheard-of level
  • Very competitive rates because there is no profit stacking on modules and components

Use case: power cabinet for semiconductor industry

A good example of how our vertical integration can work to your advantage is a power cabinet that we have designed for application in the semiconductor industry.

In this case quality-critical components, both mechanical (such as cold plates and cables) and electrical (power stacks, high precision current sensors, amplifiers and power supplies) have been designed and integrated by us in one optimized design. Due to our internal manufacturing processes these cabinets are delivered cleanroom-ready. The results in both cost and reliability are very positive for the customer.

If you want to design a new system, or if you have an existing system that needs improvement, please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve a cost-effective and highly reliable system for your application!

integrated power system


Cleanroom compliant linear amplifier cabinet