Son, August 9th, 2018 – , August 16th to 18th is an opportunity for you to visit the booth of Prodrive Technologies (booth A294-297) at the 2018 Asia-Pacific Power Products and Technology Expo in Guangzhou, China. Here you can discuss your power conversion needs. As a reference, our product specialists can show you some star products from the various markets in which we are active.

For Automotive, the focus will be on the newly designed 11 kW Wireless Charging System. The technology and principles applied in this end-to-end solution can also be applied to other industries such as material handling and medical applications. Another product of interest is the scalable 12/48V DCDC converter that can be used as a stand-alone module but can also be integrated into battery packs due to it’s very small form factor.

In the Medical / Healthcare domain we are also proud to present our NG1800-XP MRI Gradient Amplifier and NGRF1500 RF amplifier. Prodrive Technologies’ NG series offers a cost effective and integral solution for mainstream MRI systems and can offer image quality and reliability that exceeds industry standards.

Finally, for Industrial and Semicon application we will show various OTS solutions such as variable speed drives for permanent magnet motors and high precision drives for linear motors.

If you are looking for off-the-shelf products in these and other markets, or you have ideas in search for a solution, please challenge us to find you the best fit.  During the exhibition you can find us at booth A294 – A297, or just visit our website to find the best solution for you: