800/24V DC/DC Converter

Prodrive Technologies’ 800/24V DC/DC Converter (DCU8002) technology offers flexible solutions for high-voltage automotive systems.

The DCU8002 series DC/DC converter is a cost effective solution to supply the 24V board net using high-voltage (HV) voltages of 470V – 840V nominal. The converter is software configurable up to full bi-directional power in buck mode and in boost mode. The peak power is 3.6kW to enable for example starting of the internal combustion engine. The continuous power level of 3kW increases to 3.6kW at low coolant temperatures.


The design of the DC/DC converter is modular and allows for seamless integration with Prodrive Technologies’ traction inverters or third party systems. Mechanics, cooling concept and housing are designed for integration in E-powertrain systems.


The DCU8002 can be applied in hybrid vehicles and full electric vehicles. The wide DC voltage range supports multiple battery voltages.


  • High efficiency over full operating range: >95% at partial load (2kW)
  • High-voltage range: 470V – 840V nominal
  • Low-voltage range: 16V – 32V nominal
  • Full continuous output power: 3kW
  • Peak power 3.6kW
  • Bidirectional full power flow (CAN configurable)
  • Dual CAN interface
  • IP6K9K and IP67 ingress protection
  • Liquid cooling
  • Compact design
  • AUTOSAR software architecture
  • Highest safety requirement: ISO26262 ASIL C



In development
Series product MOQ: 5000 pcs/year


High level specifications - 800/24V DC/DC Converter

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