Our design and production capabilities include solutions for smallest formfactor and complex optical assemblies for imaging and photonics systems. These optoelectronic systems require critical assembly steps to reach maximum optical as well as electrical performance. These assemblies can require chip-on-board, wirebonding, gluing and placement steps for individual components such as extremely large imagers, mirrors, prisms, filters and fiber optic plates.

At Prodrive we have the capabilities to design sophisticated custom optical components. This can be applied for comprehensive illuminators with specific beam shaping capabilities or in other applications requiring high resolution color accurate lens assemblies for imagers. Regardless of your requirements we can go from concept to design and finally to series with highest quality with our automated production capabilities.

Application and solutions include:

  • Metrology
  • Microscopy
  • Life science imaging
  • Automotive sensors
  • Custom imager cameras
  • Custom lens assemblies
  • Chip-on-board


Please contact us for your imaging or photonics challenge.

Laser assembly

System assembly including optics, sensor and electronics

Wirebonding for Chip-on-board