Based on Intel’s fifth generation Xeon line processors, Prodrive Technologies’ AMC-IX5 offers a balanced set of compute capabilities.

The AMC-IX5 is a full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) that combines Intel’s fifth generation Xeon processors in 14nm technology with flexible, high-speed IO options and front panel connectivity. Many interconnect standards are supported, such as 10 gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express®, Serial RapidIO®, SATA and more, enabling seamless integration within any compute intensive application.

The Intel x86 architecture enables maximal reuse of familiar APIs and legacy software at the benefit of increased processing performance and lower TDP.

Intel offers the Broadwell-DE SoC with 7 year lifecycle (10 year reliability), High Tcase and optionally extended temperature range.

Broad range

The Broadwell-DE SoC offers a very broad range of potential applications, if it is compute intensive or memory intensive or I/O intensive. Microservers, HPC and storage are clear-cut, but graphics processing for industrial and medical markets, Enterprise Cloud and Big Data applications, and Defense&Aerospace are also targeted.

With integrated PCH technology Broadwell offers scalability from stand-alone to large scale networks, for Compute, Storage and Communication solutions.

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Feature summary

Single width, full-size AMC

  • Broadwell-DE SoC with integrated PCH
  • Scalability with 2, 4, 6 or 8 Intel® Xeon® cores
  • Up to 16GB DDR4
  • 12MB Level3 Cache (up to 1.5MB per core)
  • Up to 64MB NOR flash and up to 8GB Single Chip BGA SSD


  • 2x 10GbE to AMC connector
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 to the backplane
  • 2x Serial RapidIO Gen2 to the backplane
  • 1x GbE to AMC connector
  • 2x SATA3 to the backplane

Front panel

  • 1x 1000BASE-T
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 1x USB 2.0 (for debugging)
  • 1x mini-HDMI
Adding value

Prodrive Technologies’ extensive experience in demanding markets and high-end applications has created a strong focus on integral system performance and reliability while remaining cost-competitive. Benefits contain:

  • High reliability for optimal system uptime
  • Extended life-cycle management
  • Short time to market
  • Optionally 7 years (full life-cycle) warranty
  • APIs to accelerate application development
  • System optimization and integration
  • Tightly integrated IPMI-based diagnostics
Optimization and customization

The AMC-IX5 is flexible by itself, and perfection comes in the form of optimization. The flexibility of the Broadwell-DE System-on-Chip lends itself in combination with Prodrive’s extensive knowledge on interconnects and thermal household to perfect any particular system solution. As a proven platform, in combination with Prodrive’s high level of vertical integration, time-to-market is shortened while improving:

  • Performance density
  • Performance per Watt
  • Performance per cost
  • Extension of functionality
  • Extension of I/O
  • System reliability
Multiple architectures

The AMC-IX5 can be used in different system architectures. Its inherent scalability makes it the perfect fit
for smaller, higher volume, cost-competitive industrial systems and massively scaled-out HPC systems.
Prodrive technologies offers a wide variety of system building blocks, such as high-bandwidth, low-latency
switching, enclosures and other compute architectures.