ATCA / µTCA compliant Storage AMC

psa-doubleProdrive Technologies’ PSA platform offers flexible storage solutions.

The AMC-PSA is a single-width Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) available in full- mid or compact size. This module is capable of carrying up to two 2.5″ SSD or HDD disks. Storage can be flexibly integrated in any ATCA or µTCA environment with two SATA-III ports to the AMC connector, with a bandwidth of 6Gbps.

The AMC-PSA includes the Module Management Controller (MMC) responsible for temperature management, supply voltage measurement and hot-swap capability. It also provides information to an IPM controller or other IPMI capable controllers.

Combine AMC-PSA with other building blocks

The PSA platform is a perfect building block that can be used within Prodrive’s ATCA product portfolio or in combination with our in-house developed µTCA shelf or hybrid-shelf (combining AMC slots and full-size PCIe slots). Integration with Prodrive’s processing and acquisition AMC building blocks will enable a scalable and high-performant environment.