The PDAK2H is a full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) that combines four ARM Cortex-A15 RISC cores with 8 up to 24 C66x DSP cores for unprecedented computational performance. RapidIO’s superior latency and throughput completes the platform, making it a perfect fit for multi-endpoint applications, such as high-performance computing (HPC), (industrial and medical) imaging, wireless infrastructure & communication, radar and more. AdvancedTCA form factor brings flexibility, RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) and scalability. ATCA’s system monitoring and management features are combined with the module’s extensive power measuring circuitry, which enables detailed system analysis.

Key features

  • 8 to 24 TMS320C66x high-performance DSP cores
    • 8 cores on AMC, 16 cores on AMC piggyback
  • 4 ARM® Cortex™-A15 MPCores™ up to 1.4Ghz
  • up to 26GB of DDR3 up to 667MHz (1333 MT/s) memory, including ECC
  • 3x Serial RapidIO quad lane to AMC connector
  • 1x 1000 BASE-BX Ethernet to AMC connector
  • 1x 1000 BASE-T Ethernet on front panel
  • 64MB NOR Flash
  • Linux BSP available and supported
  • OpenMP / OpenMPI prepared






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