Apollo Series - Panel PC

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LCD Displays

Capacitive or Resistive Touch

Hardened Glass, Dust and Waterproof (IP69K)

Embedded Computing

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Many applications require an intuitive display to allow quick actions and advanced user access. Our solutions integrate embedded computing power to lower system level costs in various form factors. Our Panel PCs are used in automotive, industrial and medical applications. They provide (tactile) menu buttons for quick and easy access, user authentication options like RFID, NFC, and a display suitable for the required form factor, resolution, and information detail while maintaining cost competitiveness.


Prodrive Technologies offers you the flexibility of a standard product with the option of product customization.  No matter what kind of product you demand, we partner up with you to meet those demands. We use proven technologies, combining them with new concepts and techniques. In this way, we rapidly develop tailor-made solutions, this has kept us at the cutting edge. Over the past two decades we’ve worked on a wide range of products, systems and solutions, and thus accumulated a great deal of expertise. You can benefit from this experience. Moreover, we can often help you immediately with one of our exceptionally reliable off-the-shelf solutions. But, of course, you can always challenge us to develop something specific to your business and its needs.


White Labeling

Customer specific branding is possible, to align within customer product portfolio.


Communication Interfaces

We offer several communication options, tailored to customer needs.


Multi touch options

Multi touch and gesture input for enhanced user interfaces options and experience.


Hardened glass

Offering stretch resist, endurable cover glass for harsh environments and heavy use.

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