AVIDIS - Audio Video distribution solution

The trend towards multi-modality imaging and diagnostic applications requires an increase of video and images distribution across different rooms and throughout a complete hospital. As a result systems tend to get complex due to typical point-to-point connections and multiple types of information (video, audio, control), where modifications in the field require physical rerouting of cabling. AVIDIS based systems deliver an outstanding flexibility of routing HD video with low latencies and control streams in continuously increasing video distribution systems in medical environments. Standardized optical cabling allows you to create any video and control connection to any point without the need to install multiple cables nor the need to reroute cabling later.

Key features

Data interconnect: 10GbE

Video Interfacing: VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, 1080p60, 1920x1200p60, 3840p60

USB 2.0 host/device and Audio input/output

Security: Data encryption, secure system management

Software: System management, Control of video, USB, audio and control systems,  Diagnostics

Multiple product variations

More information available on request