DC/DC Converter (48/12V)

Prodrive Technologies’ DC/DC Converter (48/12V) is part of our larger Automotive and power conversion programs. This bidirectional 48/12V DC/DC converter offers a scalable and very efficient solution for mild hybrid automotive systems. Rated at up to 3kW continuous power with an efficiency up to 96%, it can be used to supply all power-intensive auxiliary applications and recuperate braking energy at 48V, using the 12V battery. Although it is offered in two full versions, air and liquid cooled, due to its very slim and highly energy efficient design it is ideally suited to be integrated into the battery itself. The wide DC voltage range supports multiple battery voltages.

Features of the DC/DC Converter (48/12V)

  • Fully bidirectional converter with up to six phases; each phase ~ 500W
  • Soft switching topology leading to high efficiency over a wide power load range (up to 96%):
    • Moderate conduction losses in switches
    • Low switching losses in switches
    • Efficient inductor design (lowest losses / volume / cost)
  • Input and output voltages in buck mode:
    • Nominal terminal voltages:
      • 48 – 53 V
      • 12 – 15 V
    • Extended terminal voltage (reduced output current):
      • 24 – 54 V (note: 60V is allowed, output current = 0A)
      • 8 – 16 V
  • Continuous output current for 12V output voltage range (subject to derating when outside this voltage range):
    • Buck mode: 240A
    • Boost mode: 240 A
  • EMC filters included
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, reverse polarity protected
  • Very slim form factor: 220 x 150 x 20 mm (six phase version, no housing)
  • Single side liquid cooled or air cooled


Status of the DC/DC Converter (48/12V)

  • In development; prototype available on request
  • MOQ of final product: 2000/year