One of the success factors behind the growth of Prodrive Technologies is combining the technologies of motion control with power electronics. Our experience leads to turn-key solutions with the lowest costs, where we are able to customize towards your application specific requirements like EMC, form factor, connector choice and medical or automotive grade safety. Nowadays we can offer ready-to-use products with customization options as well as fully tailor-made technology solutions.



Distributed drives/slaves with various power levels E.g.

  • EtherCAT servo drives: V in 230V AC / I out 20Apk, 3-phase motor outputs
    V in 400V AC / I out 150Apk 3-phase motor outputs
    V in 630V DC / I out 145Apk, 3-phase motor outputs
  • Dual axes EtherCAT servo drive Vin 400V AC / I out 9Apk , 3-phase motor outputs
    EtherCAT Dual servo drive

Octopus control module


RTU_0004_EtherCAT Dual servo drive