Electronic Control unit

With the Electronic Control Unit Prodrive Technologies offers an incredibly powerful and robust product, running AUTOSAR software and third party control models.

General information

This GCU is suitable for the most safety critical applications in all (heavy duty) vehicles. The housing is extremely strong and sturdy, has an IP69K qualified design and can be mounted in the most severe temperature zones inside vehicles, such as engine bay. Amongst others our GCU2400 is applied as Engine Management System, Stability Control system and Battery Management System. It runs on AUTOSAR basic software, appropriate tooling supports automatic code generation from Matlab® Simulink® control models. This allows users to focus on control development rather than hardware or software implementation.


We offer multiple levels of responsibility for customer projects, varying from hardware only to full product responsibility. We are used to work with customers in different levels of cooperation

Basic Software and autocoding support

Our autocoding process is based on the Mathworks® toolchain. Basic software is available as proprietary solution and AUTOSAR based solution. We cooperate with AUTOSAR software suppliers.

Key features
  • 12/24V supply, 2 KL30 inputs
  • freescale SPC5644 processor, 150MHz, 4Mb flash
  • IP69K aluminium housing
  • basic software platform for Matlab/Simulink autocoding
  • 16 analogue inputs
  • 1 digital input
  • KL15 (“Ignition”) and KL_R (“Accessory”) signal input
  • 8 PWM outputs, 2A continuous
  • 4 sensor supply outputs 5V
  • 3 CAN interfaces


  • cost-efficient
  • robust design, suitable for exterior / engine bay mounting
  • autosar basic software
  • light or heavy-duty vehicle applications
  • suitable for a variety of control systems using automatic code generation
  • designed for mass production