Embedded Computing Systems

Advanced computational technologies.

Embedded Computing Systems

We provide embedded computing solutions for high-end applications such as image processing and motion control. The embedded computing market requires long lifecycles (up to and exceeding 10 years), high reliability and standards compliance and that is exactly what we have made the core of our portfolio.

The embedded computing program centers on powerful servers and computers. Designed and produced in-house, we have full control over technology, reliability, and lifecycle. We scale our solutions to completely integrated systems, including liquid-cooled cabinets, networking infrastructure, and storage solutions. Depending on the application and in close consultation with our customers, technologies and building blocks are selected to guarantee low latency, high bandwidth, ample processing power, and smart acceleration as required.

All of our systems come with our proprietary management and diagnostics suite for convenient and efficient setup, monitoring and maintenance. We write and include low-level software for a seamlessly integrated experience.


Embedded Computing markets and example applications:

  • Semicon: Advanced motion control, Image Processing, SEMI F-47/S2/S8
  • Medical: Real-time / lossless data processing, ISO13485 / IEC-60601

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