The R-CM3210 is an Eurocard formfactor EtherCAT master which is a key module of our Multi Axes Motion Control Rack concept and is part of our Motion Platform. The module is capable of controlling multiple complex axes and is standardized to the CiA402 standard, to support 3rd party slaves as well.

Key features

Suitable for multi-axes control, fully software configurable

  • Centralized control for mechanical systems with complex cross-coupling between axes (e.g. 32 axes @ 10kHz)
  • Distributed control for the shortest I/O delay (<20µs) or bandwidth reduction (>1000 slaves)
  • Hybrid control for optimal balance between coupling requirements, I/O delay and bandwidth

EtherCAT Master

  • Full compatible to IEC 61800-7 standard (CiA402)
  • Third party EtherCAT slave support
  • Quad core 1.2GHz CPU
  • Dual EtherCAT connectivity for rack modules and external slaves
  • Cable redundancy supported on the front interface


  • 3th or 4th order trajectory generation
  • Standard control: sequential PI-control with 5x bi-quad filter
  • Custom control possibilities: e.g. PD-control with I/O linearizing high gain observer for optimized settling performance
  • Generated control: prepared for future extension with Simulink generated control loops

Ethernet for host connectivity (100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T)

  • For use with Prodrive Motion Platform (API and tooling suite)

Digital I/O’s

  • 3V3-level digital I/O

Machine safety I/O

  • Emergency input
  • Interlock output

Software configurable event and response mechanism with flexible deployment

Available in RTM or FTM connectivity

Voltage monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Backplane and transition module configuration interface

24V control power supply input

Front panel status indicators



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