The “Four Axis EtherCAT intelligent servodrive” is a compact, cost-efficient EtherCAT servo solution. Thanks to its compact size and the robust industry standard EtherCAT (real time Ethernet) there are numerous application areas. The intelligent drive has all the features needed to manufacture motion systems rapidly.

Key features:

  • dual port EtherCAT slave (DS402)
  • digital motion controller (8kHz position loop)
  • CAN(Open) gateway
  • versatile motor outputs:
    • 2x 44V/6Ap outputs
    • 2x 44V/3Ap outputs
    • configurable for 1 phase or 3 phase operation
  • sensor interfaces:
    • S0S90 (<20MHz) with fault detection
    • Sin/Cos with interpolation
  • shock proof (30G operational shocks)
  • CE, IEC-60950, IEC-61000-6-1.
  • compact, modular and scalable building block
  • cost-efficient
  • numerous application areas

Application areas:

  • industrial automation / controls
  • medical controls
  • pick-and-place systems

Four Axis EtherCAT intelligent servodrive Four Axis EtherCAT intelligent servodrive