This sensor sets new standards when it comes to current measurement. As a result, it allows you to develop control systems with the next level of accuracy, performance and reliability. The sensor allows you to sense current with extremely high precision at significantly low cost. This sensor is designed according to our zero-maintenance principle: no individual sensor calibration is required and the product is extremely reliable. As a result, it can be easily integrated into your application.

Key features:

Item Value Unit
Current range 60 ARMS
Linearity 3.3 ppm
Flatness up to 1 kHz 0.01 dB
Bandwidth (-45 deg) 800 kHz
Noise floor (<10kHz) 500 nA/√Hz
Noise 1/f corner 20 Hz
Isolation 5 kVRMS



  • enables sub-nanometer precision motion control
  • extremely linear and high precision
  • zero maintenance
  • very low cost

Application areas:

  • high-tech systems
  • medical systems
  • research
  • consumer electronics