Smart thermostat & gateway

This white-label smart thermostat can be the eco-system of your home automation solution. It fully controls the heating boiler of all different brand by using the OpenTherm standard. With the unique feature that the thermostat to powered from the boiler system making it plug-and-play as standard in house infrastructure can be used.

Display the real-time energy usage

We have implemented an algorithm that is very accurate in counting the rotations of an analog electricity meter and a gas meter. The product also supports the smart meter interface called P1 and digital meters. This data is sent over to the thermostat for showing the real-time and historic energy usage.

Home Automation

The smart thermostat can be extended to be the center of the eco-system to control lighting, smart plugs and doorbell function. Making it a total solution for energy, comfort and security inside the residential home.

Key features
  • main processor
    • freescale i.MX27 CPU @ 400MHz
    • DDR-SDRAM memory
  • 128MB (upgradable to 256MB) @ 133MHz
  • flash memory
    • 7” diameter
    • touchscreen
    • resolution 800×480
  • RTC with backup battery
  • room temperature sensor
  • 0.5W mono speaker.


Communication interfaces
  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
  • WLAN
  • USB 2.0
  • Z-Wave
  • OpenTherm


Optional interfaces
  • webcam (2 Mpixel, 640×480 @ 25fps)
  • power line communication
  • KNX / EIB
  • VoIP