Prodrive Technologies Image Acceleration Card

Get ready for the future with our Processing acceleration card offloading computational intensive algorithms to accelerated hardware. Our acceleration cards support OpenCL for high parallelism and ease of implementation compatible with for example, CUDA and C-typed languages.

Our cards are supported for long lifetime, high reliability and quality of service applications in areas including Image Processing Systems, High Performance Computing, Network Acceleration and Data Analytics.


  • Intel Altera Aria 10
    • Up to GX 1150 (1150k LEs)
    • Dual core Cortex ARM A9
  • 2x 4GB DDR3 64bits 1866MT/s (logic) – 204.8 Gbit/s
  • 1x 1GB DDR3 32bits 1866MT/s (shared)
  • Bi-directional DMA Engine


Application Development

Supports multiple design flows including Intel FPGA OpenCL SDK and HDL


  • PCIe Gen 3 x8 – 126.032 Gbit/sec
  • 1/2/4x 10 Gbps SFP+ for 10 GigEVision, AVB, CLHS-X or custom protocol


Customization options

Technical specifications (e.g. FPGA size, external memory capacity etc.) can be modified to meet the exact needs of commercial customer applications as off-the-shelf product available to the general market


Start using today

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