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Logistics Automation

Imagine a factory which has the same production output all year round. Daytime, nighttime, weekend & holidays are history at the production facilities of Prodrive Technologies.

This has been and will be our mission for the near future and, for some of the products we are developing right now, this shall already be a fact in 2021.

The mission started with the automation of the production facilities and has now shifted towards the logistical challenges: automated delivery of goods at the right time & place, in the correct quantities and with minimal costs.

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Logistics of goods

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is developed to provide flexible transportation of goods from A to B. It has a build-in lift to exchange goods at various heights.

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Storage of goods

A flexible storage is developed to store or buffer goods when needed. It includes a (de)stacking mechanism to also support a stack of goods, thereby minimizing the amount of logistical transports.

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Management of goods

The Logistic Management System (LMS) integrates the intralogistics of automated transportation, storage and production machines. The LMS controls these machines such that goods are transported when requested. Goods can be anything the machines are able to handle, such as components, semi-finished products, empty or full bins, etc.

External applications can create logistic requests. Based on these requests, and a model of the available machines, the LMS selects goods and routes to fulfil them. It creates a schedule of operations which are dispatched to and executed by the machines. While creating this schedule the LMS ensures all goods of all requests are transported in the correct order and at the right time.

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Movements of goods ‘on-the-floor’ are traditionally not tracked by warehouse management systems. The LMS does track the location and status of all goods providing a way to historically analyze the intralogistics of the production processes.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution

Autonomously transporting goods in complex factories

  • Flexible pickup & dropoff height
  • Short time to set-up the system
  • Highly integrated solution
  • Reduces heavy physical labor
Bin Processing Solution

Processing and storing goods in highly-automated factories

  • Highly integrated solution
  • Modular
  • Easily (re)deployable
  • Optimized floor space