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Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution

Autonomously transporting goods in complex factories

Prodrive Technologies’ Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution is developed to autonomously transport goods in complex factories filled with automatic storage solutions and production machines. This increases productivity, enables 24/7 manufacturing, improves traceability and makes sure logistic workers can focus on more complex tasks. The Fleet Management System (FMS) provides optimal scheduling amongst the available AMRs and makes sure they seamlessly collaborate with each other. The solution is completed by the AMR charging station.

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Flexible pickup & dropoff height
Short time to set-up the system
Highly integrated solution
Reduces heavy physical labor


Autonomous Mobile Robot

Radius  550 mm
Height 2050 mm 
Footprint Circular 
Turning radius In-place rotation
Weight 200 kg
Supported goods  
Length 600 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 50-500 mm
Weight 1 - 50 kg
Transfer height 410-1660 mm
Driving speed  2.0 m/s
Driving acceleration 1.0 m/s²
Lifting speed 0.5 m/s
Lifting acceleration 0.5 m/s²
Conveying speed 0.5 m/s
Charge time 45 minutes
Battery time 11 hours
Positioning accuracy  
Lateral 6 mm
Longitudinal 2 mm
Angular 0.5°
Traversable gap 30 mm
Traversable ledge 10 mm
Slope 10%
Minimum corridor width 1300 mm
IP class 20
WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n

Charging station

Width  600 mm 
Depth 493 mm
Height 70 mm
Input voltage  110 - 240 V ac, 50 – 60 Hz
Output voltage 47.5 - 60 V dc
Output power 1800 W

Autonomous Mobile Robot

The AMR safely navigates around people and other obstacles with a maximum velocity of 2 m/s. Thanks to sophisticated on-board sensors, it integrates into existing facilities with minimal modifications. Multiple station heights in a single environment are supported through the integrated vertical lifting module.

Fleet Management System

The FMS is responsible for efficiently managing a fleet of multiple AMRs. Transportation jobs are distributed among the AMRs and scheduled such that all goods arrive at their destination in time. The FMS is also responsible for optimizing when, where and for how long AMRs should be charging. Furthermore, the FMS determines the physical path taken by each AMR to make sure their paths do not interfere. Through the graphical user interface, the user can monitor the fleet and the schedule. The FMS is fully integrable with external automation systems by providing an external API to create and control transportation jobs.

Automatic charging

The AMR can dock into a charger without human intervention. When a charger is placed at a station, it enables on-the-fly charging while an AMR is exchanging goods. Besides at a station, a charger can be placed stand-alone as well.