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Interconnect Generation

The Interconnect Design Tool (IDT) lets us design interconnects, such as bed-of-nails fixtures, within hours

Placing hundreds or even thousands of probes manually is labor intensive and risky due to human error. For this reason, we have automated the process of generating our interconnects. Our Interconnect Design Tool automatically generates the CAD and PCB files needed for manufacturing. This allows us to design an AET fixture with a consistent quality in a single day with hardly any human interaction.

Idt Screen
Test Generation
1 Test Generation
Interconnect Generation
2 Interconnect Generation
Test Execution
3 Test Execution
Test Generation
Interconnect Generation
Test Execution

Automatic CAD Generation

Combining the interfaces exported by our Test Design Tool (TDT) with the design files of the Device Under Test (DUT), we determine where and what type of test probes need to be placed. Alongside these probes we determine where push fingers and support probes should be added to clamp the product. All these parts are then added to a CAD design, ready for it to be manufactured.

Interconnect Generation (1)

Automatic Strain Minimization

Clamping a product within a fixture generates strain on a product, which can potentially be fatal for the product if it becomes too large. For the fixtures that we generate for our AET platform, we not only make sure that the strain stays within reasonable bounds, we automatically minimize it by optimizing the location of support probes and push fingers. By doing so, we can increase the speed with which a product is loaded into the AET, and thus decrease our test time.